Making Space and Working Together for a Better Tomorrow

It’s not just about having a desk to work at, it’s about creating an environment for people to come together to meet the needs of today and find solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

For three decades MarinSpace has supported Marin’s small and medium community organizations with stable, affordable, mission-driven, quality workspace. Today, we provide both workspace and collaboration tools to organizations that reach thousands of youth, families, seniors and individuals in need. Through our direct services and organizational partnerships, MarinSpace delivers information and resource services, owns and operates quality, mission-driven workspace, and manages a wide range of business and real estate planning projects.

As a result, nonprofits, that previously served vulnerable clients in inefficient “hand-to-mouth” work environments, can now embody their social change efforts by operating from a place of effective, collaboration-driven, mission-enhancing stability.


Building futures together means . . .

  • Creating stable, affordable, mission-driven workspace,
  • Building facilities and providing business tools that facilitate collaboration & synergy,
  • Delivering programs and services in workspace that nurtures respect and trust, and
  • Operating within our means – both environmentally and economically – so that future generations have access to the same or better resources than we have today.

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